How to use same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones [Official Method]

WhatsApp is one of the widely used social platforms to communicate with friends and family. The platform is also popular because it can be used by both iOS and Android users to chat irrespective of the platform. Meta is now bringing one of the most awaited features on WhatsApp. Users can now use the same WhatsApp account on two phones. Here you will know the official way to use the same WhatsApp account on two different phones.

Many users have two or more devices and most of them would like to use the same WhatsApp on all of their devices. But as you know it was not possible to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one phone until now. To use the same WhatsApp on more than one phone required setup from the start and once the account is logged in on the new phone it automatically logs out from the first device. But now as Meta is officially bringing this feature, there is no need to follow any third party app or other alternatives.

This is the feature we all wanted since the early days of WhatsApp. So it’s a little late but at least now we don’t have to go through the long process of achieving the same using unofficial alternatives.

The new official feature is possible through the Linked Devices feature that was released almost a year ago. But till now it was only for WhatsApp web and not WhatsApp for phones. It allows accessing WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web on multiple devices through browsers without having to connect your phone to the Internet.

Since WhatsApp web doesn’t require you to enter a number, it’s quite easy to access on two devices. But when it comes to phones it is required to enter the phone number during the setup. Now WhatsApp officially supports multi device login with the same number. So here is the complete process. Remember that the new feature works on the latest version of WhatsApp.

Limitations of WhatsApp on Two Devices

Although the new feature allows using the same WhatsApp account on two phones, it is limited to Android phones. This means your secondary phone cannot be an iPhone. It only works on Android, at least for now. So if you have already logged into your WhatsApp account on your Android phone or iPhone, you can use the same WhatsApp number to log in on another Android phone. Now that all the extra stuff is covered it’s time for the detailed guide.

How to use the Same WhatsApp Number on Two Phones

  1. Install the latest version of WhatsApp on the first device and log in with your number. Skip this step if you already logged into your account on either Android or iPhone.
  2. Now install the latest WhatsApp build on your second device which should be Android (You can use iPhone once it is supported). If WhatsApp is already installed on your second phone, reinstall the app.
  3. With the account logged into the first device, open WhatsApp on the second device and start the setup by choosing the language and Agreeing to terms.
  4. Now when it asks for a Phone Number, tap three dots at the corner and select Link a device.
  5. It will show a QR code to Link another phone.
  6. Open WhatsApp on the first phone and go to Menu > Linked Devices > Link a Device and scan the QR Code.
    How to use same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones How to use same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones
  7. Now once you scan the QR, the WhatsApp on the second device will start syncing your account from the first phone.
  8. This can take time based on your WhatsApp database. Once the loading is complete, you will be able to use WhatsApp on the second device along with the first device.

Even by using the Link feature, you will have access to all the WhatsApp features on the secondary device.

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